Whirlwind Video


On a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Teyjah was in her hotel room when the building became engulfed by a violent storm. Not knowing exactly what was going on, she chose to hide in her bathtub that night, and placed the mattress from her bed over top of her for protection. The next day she read that they had been caught in the eye of three tornadoes, and read about all the havoc and destruction it had caused.

Teyjah describes the experience — “The sky was blood red and there was an eerie silence when we were in the eye of the tornado. I could feel and hear the violence of the storm, but could not watch it all unfold from where I was huddled in the tub. There had been ripped up highways, cars in trees, rooftops and houses torn apart. This imagery was created from the news stories and photos I read about the next day.” This painting came out of the chaos and destruction that she experienced all around her, but the colour palette she used does not impose a sense of fear.

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