Gesso 6: Using up your paints to create a rich surface

Create interesting black and white shapes with black gesso

  • Using black gesso apply interesting black shapes on a white surface. Let dry.

Organize your leftover blue color family paints

  • Move around your surface with different colors within the same color family. In this example I am working with blues. Put thin layers of blue colors down.
  • Colors used: Cerulean Blue Deep, Cobalt Teal, Brilliant Blue, Aqua, Manganese Blue, Celadon, Burnt Umber.

Move all around your surface

  • Use your leftover opaque and transparent paints on the black gesso and white shapes. Use a cotton cloth to move the colors around. Keep overlapping and layering the opaques and the transparent colors within the blue spectrum – the order of application is not important. The goal is to create richness of color. Stop when the paint no longer moves around easily. Dry.

Uniting different colors with one color

  • Unite all the different blues with Burnt Umber Gesso. Spritz with water if the mixture is too thick.
  • Good colors to unite the colors of your surface: Manganese Blue, Quinacridone Gold, thinned down Anthraquinone Blue or Burnt Umber.

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