Time Management, Creativity and Deliveries

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I thought I was busy before but I’m finding that my time is occupied with everything but art. Making distant plans for the future of the art I will create in my new space is what I presently daydream about. Wait a minute, no time for that either!

Having to move a very large studio encompasses a lot of decisions and waiting around. A new lighting system will be placed in the main gallery as well as new flooring throughout the establishment. I have a multitude of how-to art books as well as information on way too many famous artists so new libraries are required as all my books are sagging on the shelves! Building the shelving units will be time consuming no doubt. The roof had to be replaced and the old yellow outside paint just had to go. All of the curtains and blinds also needed cleaning. Because of my car accident last year I cannot sit for too long so a new standing desk is essential. All the locks have to be rekeyed, the air ducts have not been cleaned since 1992 so … (heaven knows what they were breathing) and finally waiting for the trades to show up is tantamount to watching a slow leak in a dyke.

Time management now has to do with waiting for various trades to deliver and sometimes not. You never know for sure when and what time deliveries will happen so the big question is, what do you do while waiting around?

You can write a blog about waiting (or any other topic that suits your fancy), you can make placement plans for each of your rooms (knowing it will probably change anyway but you can dream), you can plan in what order your move will happen in. Due to my studio’s large size I will only handle one room at a time. You can do social media (if you can catch wi-fi) and document the changes that are happening. You can catch up on your e-mail and computer cleanup and finally you can just be still in your new locale. My rehabilitation exercises can be done as well as they are mostly stretches. Of course, catching up with friends, doing stretching exercises and reading can help while away the time. Getting creative while waiting for deliveries? Priceless.

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