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Petroglyph National Monument: Petroglyph art at its best

“Each of these rocks is alive, keeper of a message left by the ancestors… There are spirits, guardians; there is medicine…” so reads the inscription of pueblo elder, William F. Weahkee at Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico.  Petroglyph art abounds at Petroglyph National Monument. Walking amongst these ancient lava beds and images you get […]

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teyjah mcaren

Why Do I Paint Rock Art?

I am interested in symbols, rock art, and cave petroglyphs; this was was sparked upon travels in the American Southwest. Exploring Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, Mesa Verde, and Canyon de Chelly, I was struck by the solitude and mystery of these places. In this video I talk about the reasons I paint petroglyphs. Behind me is […]

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Cupules of Sedona

Cupules as a Rock Art form: Rock Art of Sedona

One rock art form that is often overlooked is called cupules. These cupules are small, bowl-shaped depressions that have been pecked, pounded or ground into a rock surface. They would remind you of a mortar used for grinding spices or medication except that true cupules are found on vertical walls and boulders rather than a […]

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