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art vancouver seers

Art Vancouver: The Seers

Art Vancouver: The seers – Owls. All knowing and all seeing. Owls are symbols of intelligence, wisdom and learning. They are often the intermediaries between heaven and earth. Owls are the rulers of the night and seers of souls. In this instance, the owls are the keepers of animal spirits as they are passing from […]

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Xanadu Gallery

I am happy to say that my work is now also represented at XANADU Gallery. Xanadu Gallery is a resource for collectors and designers as well as corporations for procuring the highest quality art. They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and they showcase great artworks in a wide variety of media and styles. The name […]

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Cupules of Sedona

Cupules as a Rock Art form: Rock Art of Sedona

One rock art form that is often overlooked is called cupules. These cupules are small, bowl-shaped depressions that have been pecked, pounded or ground into a rock surface. They would remind you of a mortar used for grinding spices or medication except that true cupules are found on vertical walls and boulders rather than a […]

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