Re-creating your Studio Space

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The great thing about moving is that you get an opportunity to recreate your studio space. Yes it took months to move and re-organize but what an opportunity to be creative and really plan where you will put your material and really think about how you actually work.

For instance, I used to work with four tables around my central longer table. On the central table were my paints, brushes, palette and my mixing mediums or gels. Behind me were my inks. On the left side all my metallic meshes, my sponges, my metallic powders and what I call my scratchers. On the right side, I put my stencils which I organized prior to the painting session if I was working with rice paper and printmaking paper. In front of me, I put all my metallic and plastic texturing tools from the hardware and thrift store. Now granted, I worked in a studio with absolutely no windows. Everything I created was dependent upon the best lighting available.

Now I have so many windows and doors that I have natural light galore. What I did do for lighting was to have the same lighting under which I create my paintings be the same as that in the actual gallery. As Robert Wagner used to say in “It takes a thief: Beautiful”. So organizing for a skinnier but longer space took some thinking time. I placed everything else in my studio gallery first and then do my actual painting space.

I now face my windows and finally having light is a godsend. However, all my actual working tools are now behind my work station. I thought long and hard about what needed to be where. For how I work, I needed to micro-manage and reign in how I think when I paint. What do I require right away when I do certain techniques? If I forget to set things down on my table, that material needs to be easily accessible before my surface dries. What did I use most frequently? What needed to be on my working table at all time? What tools did I have to have quick and easy access to? Where to put my paints and which paints did I use most regularly? These were finally put in a container and to my left. When you have so much material, you need to have a method to your madness. I am so grateful for my wonderful space and as of today I am still adapting to my new environment. It may require some tweaking in the future but for now it works for me!

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