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Publishing your art in a book is a great thrill. I just received my copy of Acrylic Illuminations by Nancy Reyner a book that deals entirely with reflective and luminous surfaces. It has so many wonderful examples of optical and luminous effects, pouring secrets, metallics, gold lead and prismatic effects. It makes me want to go to the studio and just paint every examples. I may just assign myself those tasks in the New Year and incorporate them within my moderncavepaintings style and website.

I am particularly proud of this little piece. It was one of these occasional gifts where all the stars align and you produce a wonderful sample for your class. I so enjoy demonstrating techniques in gel in a workshop. You are usually a bit on edge when demonstrating but I have discovered if I approach the task with a more relaxed attitude I can get some quite nice results. Not caring about the outcome is very freeing.

I have another wonderful piece that came from a class demonstration in Patti Mollica’s Modern Acrylics book. Canyon Majesty V features Imprinted textures in Heavy Gel Gloss and once dried poured Iridescent Gold over top and let the Iridescent settle in the cavities made by the sculpted gel.

My work with gels has also been featured in two other books: Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner and Patti Brady’s Rethinking Acrylics. Canyon Majesty III is featured and although the painting did not reproduce properly, due to its highly reflective nature, it was the prototype for Rock of Ages of which I spoke of in the Who do you paint for? blog.

Publishing your art is very validating as an artist. It may or may not increase your sales but it does add credence to your artistic intent.

What experiences have you had publishing your own book or being published? Has it made your art feel more significant or relevant?

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