The Fire List. Have you done yours?

The Fort McMurray fires have displaced thousands of people and left them stranded. With little warning they were left to pack up their most precious belongings. The Fort McMurray fires brings home a lot of questions. If you had to leave rapidly what would you bring with you if you knew that your family members […]

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art studio

Re-creating your Studio Space

The great thing about moving is that you get an opportunity to recreate your studio space. Yes it took months to move and re-organize but what an opportunity to be creative and really plan where you will put your material and really think about how you actually work. For instance, I used to work with […]

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tony onley

How long did it take you to paint that?

Toni Onley. Passage Point: Coast Suite     “How long did it take you to paint that?” Of all the questions that the public asks of artists this particular question can send an artist into a variety of responses, some of which are not always favorable to the person asking. The situation is this: is […]

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rock art by teyjah

Honor The Struggle

Honor The Struggle states Brendon Burchard, a world-class motivational speaker. The world is full of struggles. Some struggles are momentous. Most times struggles involve the slow gnawing of time wearing us down and this slow erosion is what we, as humans, must fight against. In literature, think of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old man and the Sea. […]

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new art studio

Things To Consider In A New Art Studio

Moving into a new art studio? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Getting a building ready for a new art gallery is a cornucopia of choices and decisions. Here are some of the ones I’ve had to make so far: Is the roof in good shape? Are there rooms that need to be opened up and walls brought […]

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modern art teyjah

My Torrid Love Affair Revisited

It started off gently enough. I loved to caress and peruse the surface. Even the musky smell was attractive to me but somewhere along the way it became an addiction. North Light Book club started me on the path to art book mania many years ago and I just kept going. I now have an […]

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