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The mysterious is compelling and the most beautiful thing we can experience by Teyjah McAren

One of my favorite quotes from Einstein. Something to ponder.

It’s always great to get accepted into a gallery and now I have my first online gallery! This is new territory for me and I must say I was highly impressed with Pamela Ballantyne of the online gallery appropriately named “Ballantyne Gallery”. She visited my gallery/studio and spent four hours pouring over my paintings, discussing my style, my ideas and, my painting process. That kind of personal service is rare, if not, non-existent! This gallery is exactly what I have been looking for in gallery – a productive, communicative, win-win relationship. Sweet.

Online galleries are the wave of the future in many respects. With the economy being as it is (but with a hopeful upswing on the way) one can see how this would save a walk-in gallery a lot of money. Some things I can see as being different involve not being able to visually “touch” the texture and actual colors on the painting with your eyes. Every computer has a different color resolution so what is an amazing color on one computer monitor may not be as colorful on another. That is one issue. Another issue to contend with may have to do with the buyers. The buyers who can afford paintings are older and may or may not comprehend computers and prefer to physically see a painting. Old habits die hard. However, we have a whole new generation of younger buyers who may be more open to purchase over the Internet and are comfortable with computers. So its a toss up!

I don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of how galleries function but I do know that wether you are in a brick and mortar gallery or an online gallery, marketing your artists’ work is of prime importance. I believe that an online gallery needs to promote itself even more than a regular gallery. Therefore, choosing an online gallery that has a vision and a solid marketing plan is vital. The means and manner in which marketing is done has changed but promoting the work is “the prime directive” as Captain Kirk would say! In my opinion, an online gallery that works the market for the artists’ is as valid as any physical gallery. It’s simply another means to a happy ending. Anyone with more experience than myself?



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