Moving To A New Art Studio: Planning and Thinking Pitfalls

So the plan was to move in slowly, yah! Not. What I discovered was that the trades don’t work on my timeline. If you don’t keep them occupied to the hilt while they are around you may never see them again. So all my well laid out plans to slowly move out one room at a time went to the wayside. But wait, I didn’t pack… so those white rolling carts came in quite handy as I quickly and chaotically attempted to keep the material from each room organized out of the old studio and into the new building. Attempting to keep 2 to 3 people on task was a monumental task for me! The stress of directing and thinking 5 steps ahead of the game was enormous. However, I did get some good sleeps because of exhaustion. So while they erected shelving units, painted, created storage units on wheels for me, I frantically packed. Once I had my 30 boxes filled, they handled the lifting and depositing, This went on for weeks. Slow time consisted of dealing with Shaw and wi-fi, the electrician, getting new locks, snow removal, new movers on the weekend, dealing with a difficult parking situation where people are ignoring your signs and deciding where the heck you will be putting all of your “stuff”.

I wanted to weed out what is no longer of use to me. Well that also went out the door. Now it’s all about find room to move and deal with it later. So very many minute decisions to make but if you don’t plan ahead you are then required to move a bunch of other material. Finally I got smart and put the correct boxes of material into each assigned room to save on time. The most difficult is my actual working space. I had two separate studios in my old location as the metal doors made it so cold in the winter. No windows made it difficult at the best of times. I had to create a second studio at my husband’s office so that meant a lot of duplication of art materials. Amalgamating them at the new studio is very time consuming. However, I can’t really complain. I have 5 well-insulated doors now and more light than I could ever imagine. Hopefully, this little blog will be helpful to some of you so that you can avoid some of my pitfalls in thinking and planning.

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