Merging computers: My daily struggle with today’s technology

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Holy cow! I’ve recently decided to go back to one computer. All this synching, I Cloud and Dropboxing and Sugar Synching is driving me batty especially when you fail to notice that files have not been uploading! Merging computers into one computer is not for the faint of heart.

It’s not an easy go to go back to one computer as well. You have to back everything up on an external when you notice your I Tunes library is not where it should be and you can’t put it on an external hard drive because you can’t find where the Maverick program is storing them. Furthermore, many of your songs show up as missing with an exclamation mark! Many long hours of discussion with Apple senior advisors later, you are told you will have to re-import or restore the missing tunes. One very long week later working 10 hours daily (since I was sick it wasn’t too bad) you are now ready to try and find your files

When that is done you now have to insure that all your IPhoto libraries are backed up and synched. Movies are next. Oh no, they need to be converted to the newest operating system before you move them to the external hard drive? In between conversions, I am sitting here writing this blog to you. The problem I have, of course, are due to my huge iPhoto libraries (over 100,000) and over 500 movies. Did you also think of your email, your calendars, your documents, your bookmarks in each of your search engines, your notes, etc… The list goes on and on.

The tasks are monumental especially if you are not particularly computer savvy. Apple and I know each other on a fist name basis.

Just saying, I hope this is worth the two or three weeks of intense thinking, correcting, adjusting, converting and merging. I recently read an article that stated that we have to be careful of having our history erased since everything we do is in cyberspace and the old technologies can no longer read old film files and such. The danger is that we have no hard copies of documents anymore. Things to ponder… What experiences have you had in your attempts at merging computers?

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