Losing My Mojo: Where Did The Fun In Painting Go?

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I don’t know if it’s the change of weather, having to conform to a time schedule or the doldrums, plain and simple, but I’m not finding as much joy in painting as I used to. Now once I get into the actual painting and start resolving it, I’m all in and relishing in the challenge. The problem is getting me to the drawing board. Everything else seems to take priority but the actual job of painting. Granted, it’s been an extremely busy time but still. When you are a professional artist what should take priority?

So noticing this trend I’ve done some internal soul searching. What is occupying and preoccupying such an inordinate amount of time and displeasure? For sure, my faulty Apple IMovie program which constantly drops my frames is a big one! There is no resolution here for the last 2 years with Apple and being a problem solver by profession and by nature, it’s driving me crazy. I can’t advance to doing webinars until Apple resolves their compatibility issue. Next in line, would be the constant learning and relearning of different applications. Computer programs, upgrades and applications take time to learn and by the time you learn them, they change them.

Social media also takes quite a big chunk of time within a day. Then there is running the business: the ads, the shows, selling, finding galleries, website upkeep, keeping the studio organized, etc…

There is also worrying about sales. Is my work strong enough? Why am I not selling more? Am I optimizing my art presence? Do I need to stay open longer hours? How do I then find time to do uninterrupted painting? Having said all that, my real first priority has to be my health. No health, no stamina, no fine art. Finally, there is painting.

Yeah, I know I need an assistant but that’s money I do not have. So where do you go? Downsize? Review my expectations of myself? Perfectionism may have to be cast aside!!!

I am, after all, a one woman show. So after careful consideration, I’ve determined that what I am allowing is all of these “techno and business issues” to steal my joy. So what’s the priority? Health first, then painting of course. No paintings, no profession.

So how does one begin to reclaim their joy and still maintain what needs to be done? I’m whittling away at some possibilities.The first thing that comes to mind is that I need to put fun back in my life and put aside all the should’s, the must’s and have to’s. My new mantra may become: “Did I spend quality time today doing what I love? Seeming as my time on Earth is getting shorter, did I make a difference in my own life and someone else’s?”. Excellence versus perfectionism is running through my mind at this point. How much emphasis do I want to put on organization and computers? The larger question is : Can I let go of not being superwoman and my own high expectations? To be reviewed on a regular basis I believe!

I have enough life experience to know I cannot be the only one going through this. So my question to you is this: “What solutions have you found works for you when you lose your mojo?”

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