I’m not overly media or computer savvy but I must say I really like and understand Instagram!

I like the fact that it allows me to focus in on an image or video I want to create and it is short, informative and succinct. When I work with Instagram I use part of the same focus I use for painting to hone in on what is the essential message I want to convey.

I like its simplicity and instant gratification. Of course, there is a small learning curve but I learnt while waiting around for coffees, friends, etc…

What is fascinating is that the video or photo you take then propagates throughout the world. I’m following “thelifeof giox” from Greece and “husaak” from an Arab country. Both these gentlemen are explorers and show phenomenal photos of their daily lives. I want their lives! I also follow various artists as well and I especially enjoy the work of “codyrutty” who is a linear figure artist who starts with what I would think is doodling and creates these amazing faces. I like to look for unusual art on Instagram, something different than flowers and landscapes. There is a great feature under Explore where you put in a keyword and it allows you to research anything under the sun. I have found photographers, fashion designers, singers and philosophers.

All of this to say, if you have not tried Instagram, give it a shot. If I can learn it, anyone can!

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