Honor The Struggle

Honor The Struggle states Brendon Burchard, a world-class motivational speaker. The world is full of struggles. Some struggles are momentous. Most times struggles involve the slow gnawing of time wearing us down and this slow erosion is what we, as humans, must fight against. In literature, think of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old man and the Sea. In painting, the battle is fought in the same manner, stroke by stroke and inch by inch. Persistence and attitude makes or breaks you.

Never was this made more clear to me than working on the painting named Birds of a Feather. Never have I seen myself so timid and hesitant at almost every step of the painting process. The choice of colors, which media to use, how to proceed with the painting were all problematic. I was hesitant almost the entire way until I decided to just accept that it would be a struggle and began to enjoy the journey.

honor the struggle

Honor The Struggle: Life Of An Artist

Now we are talking about the art struggle in this forum. Problem-solving is a constant in the art-making process. At every stage of painting there is a propensity towards success or possible “failure”. I don’t really believe in failure. Wasn’t it John Lennon who said: “There are no problems, only solutions”. To me, life is all about learning.

Appreciating the journey, the stumbling and the learning that occurs, is that what makes the “struggle journey” worthwhile? You may not get the result that you were looking for but did you learn? Did you grow? Did your awareness increase? Did you get beyond your fear of failure or success? In the art struggle, did you go beyond your reservations and explore? Did you advance with caution or abandon? There are no “wrong” ways but it is necessary to proceed at some point. So my question to you is, are you taking time in your life to honor your struggle?


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