The Fire List. Have you done yours?


The Fort McMurray fires have displaced thousands of people and left them stranded. With little warning they were left to pack up their most precious belongings. The Fort McMurray fires brings home a lot of questions. If you had to leave rapidly what would you bring with you if you knew that your family members and animals were safe? What basics would be important to you? As I ponder on this I’m also making a list of what I would consider important to bring.

On very short notice:

  • I would keep my computer and backup external drives close to my bed along with my Iphone and Ipad.
  • My passport, credit cards and other important identification would be included.
  • Lastly, medical devices such as my small laser and tens machine would be most beneficial.
  • My supplements and medications would be part of my bag.

If I had more time:

  • My photographs of my family, friends and animals would be there.
  • My favorites paintings and sculptures including the Keith Urban commission so very there.
  • I would pre-pack my very favorite books and those would include biographies, a few quilting books and inspirational material. I think I would need it!
  • Any jewelry and special mementos would have to make their way there.

The last thing I would consider would probably be:

  • Clothes

Now this would be for my home. I have a huge studio. So what would I bring on very short notice?

  • My computer if I left it at the studio or my Time Capsule backup.
  • My favorite textural rubber stamps that I cannot find anywhere.
  • All of my stencils which I spent years creating.

On longer notice:

  • I have my rock art reference material in one section of my library. I would grab all of those books and put them in boxes.
  • I would grab my favorite acrylic, watercolor and collage books as well.
  • A few of my “Collection of the Artist” paintings.

The last thing I would consider would be:

  • My brushes
  • My art materials such as pastels, inks, coloring pencils, etc…

The last time Salmon Arm went through this, a friend of mine was puzzled as to why I would not bring my entire painting stock. Why? I can always create more paintings.

Even if you do not live in a fire prone area, have you ever done a physical or mental inventory of what you consider important? Since it is looking like an intense fire season, ask yourself “ What would be in your essentials list”?



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