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how to ship a painting

How To Ship Paintings

Shipping is always at best problematic. This is the best information I have found for shipping acrylic paintings. Nancy Reyner is a colleague of mine, both of us working for Golden Artist Colors in different capacities. She is the author of many acrylic books for North Light Book Club in which I am also featured. […]

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santa fe galleries rejection

How to handle gallery rejection

When I decided to go to Santa Fe to ask for gallery representation, I quickly realized that Canyon Road was mostly a mecca for Abstract and Contemporary art. My paintings fall in the cracks between semi-abstract and realistic so I approached all of the galleries on Canyon Road, the Railyard District and the Downtown core […]

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Rock of Ages Demo

One of the most interesting artistic processes for me to do is to work intuitively. Recreating the look and feel of a petroglyphic cave wall is very liberating and fun for me. “Automatism”, the performance of actions without conscious thought or intention, is how I like to proceed in this circumstance. This recognized Surrealist style […]

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teyjah mcaren

Art And Success

What is success in art? How do you define artistic success? I often get asked about my art sales as a measure of my success. This question somewhat confounds me. In a job that produces a product that is not a necessity in life how do you put a monetary value to it? Society at […]

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