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Art Vancouver: The Seers

Art Vancouver: The seers – Owls. All knowing and all seeing. Owls are symbols of intelligence, wisdom and learning. They are often the intermediaries between heaven and earth. Owls are the rulers of the night and seers of souls. In this instance, the owls are the keepers of animal spirits as they are passing from […]

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rock art

Petroglyph National Monument: Petroglyph art at its best

“Each of these rocks is alive, keeper of a message left by the ancestors… There are spirits, guardians; there is medicine…” so reads the inscription of pueblo elder, William F. Weahkee at Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico.  Petroglyph art abounds at Petroglyph National Monument. Walking amongst these ancient lava beds and images you get […]

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Pueblo Bonito and Chaco Canyon

The incredibly hot, arid air surrounded the abandoned kivas and structures. There was an eerie silence yet you could almost sense the presence of the ancients. It was a bright, sunny day at Chaco Canyon when my best friend and I decided to hike above the complex. We slid in between a very tight cliff […]

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