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My New Website: Teyjah’s Art Den

Teyjah’s Art Den: New Website I invite you to my new website Tejah’ I decided to create this new site to showcase a wider range of my art work. You will find the following collections: Abstract Semi Abstract Abstract Oils Architectural Symbols Florals Landscapes Petroglyphs New Paintings All paintings have a story description as well […]

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teyjah art

Co-op Art Galleries: My New Venture

Just attended a meeting for setting up criteria for the acceptance of paintings in the co-op gallery. The whole process was fascinating. First, we had to establish what type of work the gallery wanted to accept, our expectations and the entire application and selection process. I own my own gallery and have nothing but admiration […]

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Interpreting Signs

This blog will be part frustration and part deliberation. So what does that mean exactly? Well, I have been dealing with a parking situation since last September. People have been used to parking at what is now my studio for free for many years, day and night despite signs saying parking was only available after […]

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art studio

Re-creating your Studio Space

The great thing about moving is that you get an opportunity to recreate your studio space. Yes it took months to move and re-organize but what an opportunity to be creative and really plan where you will put your material and really think about how you actually work. For instance, I used to work with […]

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tony onley

How long did it take you to paint that?

Toni Onley. Passage Point: Coast Suite     “How long did it take you to paint that?” Of all the questions that the public asks of artists this particular question can send an artist into a variety of responses, some of which are not always favorable to the person asking. The situation is this: is […]

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Teyjah ebook

Publishing Your Art

  Publishing your art in a book is a great thrill. I just received my copy of Acrylic Illuminations by Nancy Reyner a book that deals entirely with reflective and luminous surfaces. It has so many wonderful examples of optical and luminous effects, pouring secrets, metallics, gold lead and prismatic effects. It makes me want […]

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santa fe galleries rejection

How to handle gallery rejection

When I decided to go to Santa Fe to ask for gallery representation, I quickly realized that Canyon Road was mostly a mecca for Abstract and Contemporary art. My paintings fall in the cracks between semi-abstract and realistic so I approached all of the galleries on Canyon Road, the Railyard District and the Downtown core […]

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