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Co-op Art Galleries: My New Venture

Just attended a meeting for setting up criteria for the acceptance of paintings in the co-op gallery. The whole process was fascinating. First, we had to establish what type of work the gallery wanted to accept, our expectations and the entire application and selection process. I own my own gallery and have nothing but admiration […]

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How To Choose A Workshop?

I possess a Master’s in Art Education. I do not have a Bachelor of Fine Arts nor a Masters of Fine Arts. Most of my actual art education has been through my own trial and error, reading books, working for Golden Artist colors and tons of workshops with excellent instructors. I have studied with Canadian […]

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What makes the difference between an artist and a professional artist?

I always enjoy a good artist conversation. The latest conversation between a few of my art friends involved deciphering what differentiates a person who calls themselves an artist from a professional artist? Good question. Is it a question of degrees that separates the so-called artist from the professional artist? Is it dedication? The numbers of […]

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Art Clubs: Pro’s and Con’s

I was recently having lunch with a couple of artist friends when we began discussing the diverse types of artists in our art club. I started thinking about this and could define at least three types: there are the “newbie” painters who are basically pretty happy with whatever the art club presents to them. Then […]

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