Art Journaling

Have you ever felt the need to chronicle the daily events of your life? Is a daily art journal (art journaling) a good practice for you? One of the benefits of being an artist is that it allows you an excuse to observe life more closely. It gives you meditative and contemplative time. You are free to observe at your leisure, record shapes, sensations, fleeting thoughts, colors, sounds and anything else.

It seems to me that an art journal is very liberating. You can build up your drawing skills and expand your creative mind. When you have no particular end goal in mind all avenues of exploration are open to you.

So what can you put into your art journal? You can make notes, put in photographs, snippets of conversations you overhear, quotes, do some creative exercises, chronicle your food intake and even draw it!

You can use the art journal to question your life, explore your dreams and record your travels. You can also just BE in that moment. In the moment, how often do we give ourselves that right? You can record your sensations or just have that moment of intimacy with your soul. This can easily become a meditative practice.

No one has to view your journal or you can decide to share it and use it to teach others. The choice is yours!

You can experiment and explore themes to your heart’s delight. Doing this on a daily basis should build your artistic confidence and skill. Not only do you gain new insights, you get to accumulate a cache of memories from which you can draw from.

You can use some of the drawings you’ve put down to play with a full spectrum of media from pen and ink to collage. You can recreate a full painting from any of your pages. I have, in the past, used my art journal to develop ideas on colors and used keywords to help me recapture the feelings, ambience and memories of a locale. You can play in any fashion that you like. That’s the beauty of an artist journal, THERE ARE NO RULES.

Personally, my favorite benefit is the idea that it allows my mind to sit still and “Be in the moment”. If you use an art journal, what other benefits have you discovered?

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