Things To Consider In A New Art Studio

new art studio

Moving into a new art studio? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Getting a building ready for a new art gallery is a cornucopia of choices and decisions. Here are some of the ones I’ve had to make so far:

  1. Is the roof in good shape?
  2. Are there rooms that need to be opened up and walls brought down?
  3. What furniture will fit in each room? Will they fit?
  4. How many rooms do you need?
  5. What will each room be used for?
  6. Will your present studio configuration fit into the new space?
  7. What colors will your walls be?
  8. Will your ceilings need to be done?
  9. What colors do you want on the exterior of your building? Two toned or single color?
  10. What repairs need to be done: inside and outside?
  11. Any retaining walls? Flowers or bushes to be put in?
  12. Flooring or carpeting?
  13. Do your blinds need to be cleaned?
  14. How long since the vents and ducts were cleaned?
  15. Slatwall, wall hanging or specialized hanging system for your paintings?

Then you have a new can of worms: the electrical!

  1. Which bulb colors will function for you? Warm or cool?
  2. Electrical or magnetic ballasts?
  3. Which type bulb will best suit your work and not burn into the painting surface?
  4. Where will the placement of your art gallery paintings be thus placement of your light circuitry?
  5. Do you need to slow down your thinking? Priceless

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