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Online Gallery

It’s always great to get accepted into a gallery and now I have my first online gallery! This is new territory for me and I must say I was highly impressed with Pamela Ballantyne of the online gallery appropriately named “Ballantyne Gallery”. She visited my gallery/studio and spent four hours pouring over my paintings, discussing […]

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Cave art paintings and women

Women and Cave Art paintings

Women and cave art paintings? Just finished reading an article from National Geographic that women may have made the oldest-known cave art paintings. Archaeologists “analyzed hand stencils found in eight caves in France and Spain… and by comparing the relative lengths of certain fingers determined that three-quarters of the handprints were female.” Hand stencils have […]

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Soft Sell Approach

I recently had the misfortune of attending a timeshare presentation that was, to say the least, stressful. A soft sell approach it was not! This got me thinking about how we, as artists, may need to approach a potential client. I personally would not recommend the high pressure sales tactic. I saw more than a few […]

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