Art Vancouver International Fair Assessment

From May 21 to May 24, 2015 Teyjah McAren and Tatianna O’Donnell from Courtyard Gallery participated in the Premiere ART Vancouver International Art Fair. Preparing to participate took months of planning. Neither one of us had ever participated in an International Art Fair. Like Thelma and Louise we set out on our journey not knowing […]

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Checklist for Art Vancouver

From May 21st to May 24th, Vancouver held its first International Art Fair at the Vancouver Convention Center. My friend Tatianna O’Donnell and I were juried in and the excitement grew. After the initial enthusiasm work began. Preparation took months of planning. Neither one of us had ever participated in an International Fair. I had […]

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Teyjah ebook

Publishing Your Art

  Publishing your art in a book is a great thrill. I just received my copy of Acrylic Illuminations by Nancy Reyner a book that deals entirely with reflective and luminous surfaces. It has so many wonderful examples of optical and luminous effects, pouring secrets, metallics, gold lead and prismatic effects. It makes me want […]

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changing the painting by teyjah

When do you decide to alter a painting

Village Celebration was originally posted here 2 years ago. In the video below I share my thoughts regarding changes to this painting. It is all about important moments in our lives that need to be acknowledged and celebrated. It also explores the importance of relationships between ourselves and how we identify ourselves within a community. A few […]

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how to ship a painting

How To Ship Paintings

Shipping is always at best problematic. This is the best information I have found for shipping acrylic paintings. Nancy Reyner is a colleague of mine, both of us working for Golden Artist Colors in different capacities. She is the author of many acrylic books for North Light Book Club in which I am also featured. […]

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santa fe galleries rejection

How to handle gallery rejection

When I decided to go to Santa Fe to ask for gallery representation, I quickly realized that Canyon Road was mostly a mecca for Abstract and Contemporary art. My paintings fall in the cracks between semi-abstract and realistic so I approached all of the galleries on Canyon Road, the Railyard District and the Downtown core […]

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