Xanadu Gallery

I am happy to say that my work is now also represented at XANADU Gallery. Xanadu Gallery is a resource for collectors and designers as well as corporations for procuring the highest quality art. They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and they showcase great artworks in a wide variety of media and styles. The name […]

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Inkameep Day School

The Power of One Individual

The power of one individual cannot ever be discounted! I very much enjoy reading about Aboriginal cultures and traditions. In a wonderful little thrift store in Salmon Arm, I found an old 2004 article in Okanagan Life magazine on how the Osoyoos Band saved its traditional culture and how two Walshes helped this process along. […]

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Pueblo Bonito and Chaco Canyon

The incredibly hot, arid air surrounded the abandoned kivas and structures. There was an eerie silence yet you could almost sense the presence of the ancients. It was a bright, sunny day at Chaco Canyon when my best friend and I decided to hike above the complex. We slid in between a very tight cliff […]

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Toni Onley Artist Project

Just found out I was accepted into the Tony Onley Artist Project in Wells, BC.  This mentorship program was first established in 2000 with distinguished Canadian artist Norman Yates. Participating artists spend nine days in Wells working in the Island Mountain Arts studios under the mentorship of senior artists. It’s an intensive self-directing studio experience […]

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I’m not overly media or computer savvy but I must say I really like and understand Instagram! I like the fact that it allows me to focus in on an image or video I want to create and it is short, informative and succinct. When I work with Instagram I use part of the same […]

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The mysterious

Online Gallery

It’s always great to get accepted into a gallery and now I have my first online gallery! This is new territory for me and I must say I was highly impressed with Pamela Ballantyne of the online gallery appropriately named “Ballantyne Gallery”. She visited my gallery/studio and spent four hours pouring over my paintings, discussing […]

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Cave art paintings and women

Women and Cave Art paintings

Women and cave art paintings? Just finished reading an article from National Geographic that women may have made the oldest-known cave art paintings. Archaeologists “analyzed hand stencils found in eight caves in France and Spain… and by comparing the relative lengths of certain fingers determined that three-quarters of the handprints were female.” Hand stencils have […]

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